Flashes of the Blessed Month

Flashes of the Blessed Month



Flashes of the Blessed Month - 01

Surely, the month of Ramadan has come to you greeting its greetings, adding over to its dignified dignity, and from its beauty a glory. Ramadan has come to you bearing its hunger and thirst. You see the food before you, your soul desires it, your hands reach it, but you cannot eat it. The thirst inflames your abdomens, the water surrounds you, but you are not able to fetch it. The drowsiness takes your control, the sleep caresses your eyelids and the Ramadan comes to wake you for your Suhoor.

It’s a sequence of episodes of Patience and self-control and the Messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon Him was righteous when he said “And Fasting is half patience, and purity is half faith” Narrated by Al Tirmidhi and Classified as “Sound Hadith”

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 02

Oh the Pleasure of Faster! How does he avail the reward in his thirst and hunger from the One who does not oppress even a jot? ((That is because they suffer neither thirst nor fatigue nor hunger in the cause of Allah, nor they take any step to raise the anger of disbelievers nor inflict any injury upon an enemy but is written to their credit as a deed of righteousness, Surely, Allah wastes not the reward of Doers of Good : Al Taubah:120))

Surely the Ramadan has come to represent people in it towards their Lord, The masajid are led, enlightened with Taraweeh and Zikr (Remembrance of Allah), filled and occupied with Worshippers and Knowledge Seekers. The masajid in regions celebrate with the worshippers in a unified row, their feet and foreheads on the ground are tight, the rich and the poor, the humble and the arrogant, the tramp and the minister and the royal, they humiliate towards Allah so that Allah SWT grants them with this humiliation, a glory and respect over the mankind, if the intentions are correct and deeds are righteous.

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 03

In Ramadan, Allah SWT helped the Believers on Badr when they were humiliated, and termed it as “the Day of Criterion, the day when two armies met”; and In Ramadan the conquest of Makkah was completed to our Messenger Peace Be Upon Him; and He purified it from the pagan thoughts, and removed the forces of retreat and polytheism from it.

And in Ramadan, Allah brought glory to Khalid Bin Waleed in Yarmook, and on Saad in AlQadisia, and on Tariq Bin Ziyad in Andalus at Guadalete River in South Spain, and on King Qutuz and King AlZahir Baibars against the hordes of Tartars. ((So the roots of oppressing nations was cut off and praise be to Allah The Lord of Universe: AlAnaam:45)) And similarly the Hittins, the Jaloulaa’, and in Ramadan , and it, and it, and it…

This is the Ramadan which combines in a fasting person the body’s health, the soul’s peak, the self-importance, and the pleasure of Allah before everything and after.

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 04

Ramadan – Oh people – is the month of Love and Harmony, So be in it broad hearted, soft spoken, and distanced from conflicts and evil, and if you see errors from your family bear it, and if you find some gaps fill it and be patient on it, and if someone initiates a conflict don’t counter with a similar one, instead one of you should say I am fasting, else how can the one failing in them expect the reward of fasting as he had fasted from the Halal Food and violated on the others, which was haram!

The Messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon Him has said “Whoever doesn’t abstain from falsehood and its acts, so Allah is not in need of him abstaining from food and drink”


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 05

The greatness of Ramadan and its beauty, and the glory of the great month and its splendor, seemed obviously clear when the believers observed in their this month the highest aspects of obedience from all directions; obedience in it has all meanings of spiritual highness, which inhibits restrainment of soul from its desires, and restricting its faults and slashes, in which the soul overcomes the body and the flesh, and the believing souls are more adaptable to accept the blessings of the creator The Great.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 06

The Month of Quran – and what do you know what is the month of Quran? A human without Quran is like a life without air and water. Infact the collapse is realized in his sensitivity and his soul such that the Quran is the medicine and the cure. ((And we descend from the Quran what is cure and mercy for the believers and it doesn’t increase for oppressors but the losses: Al Israa’:82)) ((Say it is for the believers a guidance and a cure and those who disbelieve their ears are heavy (deaf) and are blind on them. They will be called upon from a distant place: Fussilat:44))

Cure for hearts and cure for body, and whenever it tightens upon a person lively issues and branches, and misses a pioneer when puzzled, and a ray when in darkness, The Quran appears the best partner whose speech does not bore, and its repetition increases glamour and glitter. The Quran appears to be a protector and a refuge. ((Definitely this Quran guides those who are straighter: Al Israa’:9))

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 07

Some of the ancestors used to complete Quran in 3 nights, and some in seven, and some in ten.

And Scholar Shaafi’i Mercy be upon him used to complete Sixty times apart from Prayers, and similarly Abu Hanifa Mercy be upon him.

And Maalik Mercy be upon him, when Ramadan used to begin, would dedicate for Quran and used to abandon reading narrations.

And in the narration of Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him on prohibition of completing a Quran in less than three nights, it is on a continuation basis. So in the blessed times like the month of Ramadan, it is preferred to intensify in the recitation as this is the observations of Imam Ahmad and Ishaq and other scholars May Mercy be upon them.

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 08

This blessed month is the month of Quran, where people head towards their religion, which reminds them on the rights of Almighty, you feel the fragrance of religion in all the sittings, you feel the people are heading towards the Book of Allah (Quran) reading and listening and considering in its verses, It raises in the soul of people the preparedness to stir a change within themselves until Allah SWT changes what’s within them. ((Surely, Allah SWT doesn’t change what is within a nation until they change within themselves: Al Raad:11))

The Quran awakens their consciousness on their need of religion like the need of air and water; and when a nation ignores its religious orders, and obstructs the words of Almighty in the society, so it is ignoring its strongest strength and obstructing its means to success in this world and hereafter, and when each nation removes religiousness from its society its order disrupts, and some waves into others, while Allah overturns their glory into humility, their peace into fear, their judgement into anarchy.

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 09

Fear Allah in the wretches who are struck with difficulties, and in the poors requiring aid from the wealthy, and in the clothes which you abandon to aid, and in holding your hands in grudge and greed.

Is it from the mercy that you lavish in luxury, and in sumptuous wealth, and those who remain in adversities in difficulties and suffering from insolvency? Is it from generosity that you enjoy in the best decorated clothes and your muslim brothers burn in the heat of summer and tear apart in the wildest winters?

The rich who doesn’t feel some rights and obligations towards the poor is a cruel hearted, empty from affection, away from Allah’s mercy ((Surely, Allah’s mercy is close to the almsgivers: Al A’araaf:56)).

“The Most Merciful descends mercy on the almsgivers; Be compassionate with those on Earth, you will be mercied upon by the One in the skies”


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 10

This month of Ramadan has come to become the period of disciplinary training. A person learns to become soft, reduce his wishes, restrict his desires. And these are the breakers around it. There is no controller or accountant apart from its creator and its Lord, who is acquainted with the hidden and secret. The Messenger of Allah has reported that Allah the Almighty says “All the deeds of the Son of Adam are for him, except fasting, that’s for me and I will reward it”


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 11

The people have abandoned this Noble Quran. They have replaced with invaluable that which is righteous, newspapers and magazines, stories and cultures, with which the world tides its mornings and evenings. ((If you obey those who are majority on the earth, they will mislead you from the path of Allah: Al An’aam:116)). ((And does not obey, the majority of them, but what they assume, The assumption does not enrich anything from the certainty: Younus:34)).

A muslim is surprised with the stance of many people towards the Noble Book of Almighty Allah; those who have been enveloped in misguidance from all sides, lavishing in the chaos of corrupt systems, wherein many societies have been besieged, many communities and generations been tumbled, the so-called non-religious freedoms been demanded.

So wonder is all the wonder that the light is between their hand, and thereafter they are attaching with the followers of dis-believing nations in all their approaches and methods, and therefore are not able to find the path of guidance.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 12

Surely, the groups of Muslims have neglected with the Qur’aan, until they restricted their righteousness by mastering the pronunciation of alphabets, and by opening the programs with it and closing followed by the hustle and bustle of shameless songs and misleading scenes, and by reciting it in the funerals, and by hanging it in their gatherings, and by raising funds and anticipating popularity with it, and by hanging the amulets over the necks or attaching with the chests.

Al Farooq May Allah be pleased with him had said “Oh People! A time has come on me and I believe that those who read Qur’aan, they desire with it, the pleasure of Almighty Allah and what He has, Lest I was informed: The tribes read the Qur’aan desiring with it what is with the people, No doubt you should desire Allah with your recitation and your actions”

With Almighty Allah! How many of the reciters recite and The Qur’aan curses them? And how many of the arrogant and lying oppressors recite the Qur’aan and curse themselves? ((No doubt the curse of Allah is on the oppressors: Hood:18)) ((And we invoke the curse of Allah on the liars: Aal Imran:61))


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 13

Among the greatest hidden gems of a calendar year is the blessed month of Ramadan in which the Noble Qur’aan descended as a guidance for mankind and a clear proof for guidance and criterion (between right and wrong), short in its duration but great and abundant in its rewards. So whosoever fasts it with faith and contentment, has his past sins forgiven and is included among those who are called upon ((Eat and drink at ease for that which you have sent on before you in the empty days: AlHaqqah:24))

And the empty days are the days of fasting according to a group of interpreters.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 14

Fasting, Oh People, is an obligatory act of worship, to tame oneself on patience and bearing hardships, and it is in this picture not a physical torture, nor a vague battle against the body, Never. It is in fact to get accustomed to sufferings and bearing pains by legitimating the struggle over leanness, work or laziness, Righteous over falsehood, strive over idleness, and patience over discontent. ((And seek help with patience and prayers and truly its extremely heavy except on the true believers (fearers): AlBaqarah:45)) And patience here is the fasting.

And in a sound narration: “The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him says: Fasting is half Patience”

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 15

The Ramadan, in this picture, is a tremendous opportunity and a great gift for a Muslim, when it purifies himself during the day to prepare him to receive the Qur’anic guidance during the Night Prayers. ((And recite the Qur’aan in its sequence and style {} Verily, we shall convey to you the weighty words {} Verily, the midnight wakeup is very hard and most potent and most suitable (to understand) a word (of Allah) {} AlMuzammil: 4-6)) The midnight wakeup means its hours and its minutes.

Meaning: The night prayer is the most sincere bond between the heart and the tongue, and unanimous in recitation than the day prayers, because it is the time of ignorance and clamor and personal activities. So the fasting during the day was refrainment and the prayers at night an adornment. And thereafter the souls are purified and dignified and will be prepared to become Supplication Effector.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 16

The Messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon him was the perfect among mankind, and he was the perfect what he could be in Ramadan, and his perfection, peace be upon him, in Ramadan was not unique from his generous character at all times, In fact he was the perfect among all generations and times. But his perfection used to increase in Ramadan more than any other times.

And it comes in the two sound narrations, “And never ever was the Prophet Peace be upon Him asked upon something and he said: No”

It is thus desirous for the followers of Islam to have a generous soul, a pure hand, and participate others in what Allah SWT has granted them with His Bounty, and dedicate generously from it to help the affected ones, to relax the tired ones. Such initiatives not only please the weak ones alone but restore the trust and reassurance even to the philanthropies.



Flashes of the Blessed Month - 17

In similarity to such a blessed month, and after its peak (half) in the Second Year after the Prophetic Migration, May the best prayers and peace be upon its bearer, At the Badr was a contest between two ranks, the ranks of Islam and the ranks of disbelievers.

In these two ranks, Allah The Great says, ((These two opponents disputed about their Lord, then as for the disbelievers, the garments of fire will be cut for them, boiling water will be poured down over their heads {} With it will melt what is within their bellies as well as their skins {} And for them are hooked rods of iron (to punish them) {}: AlHajj:19-21)).

Verily, the Messenger of Allah Peace Be Upon Him, exited with insufficient companions, to face the masses of associators (mushrikeen) and their militia, in their boastfulness and large numbers, and weapon availability, and He was confident that the dominance is for him over them. They descended in Badr, and he was broken by looking at their tyranny and their open announcement of enmity with Allah and His Messenger.

So he turned towards Allah supplicating: “Oh Allah! Deliver to me what you have promised me; Oh Allah! Give me what you have promised me; Oh Allah! If you destroy this group of believers, there will be no one to worship on this earth.” Raising his arms towards the skies until the cloth fell from his shoulders. By my father He Is and my mother, Prayers of Allah and His Peace be upon him.


 Flashes of the Blessed Month - 18

In this blessed month, the souls head towards their religion and religiosity, it reminds them of their obligation towards Allah The Great. Feeling the atmosphere of religiosity in majority of gatherings, the people intensify towards acts of worship and good deeds, until they raise their level of preparedness to change what is in their souls, until Almighty Allah changes what is within them. ((Verily, Almighty Allah doesn’t cause a change in the nation until they don’t change within themselves: AlR’aad:11))

During this blessed month, many people feel the importance of religion for them, like the importance of water and air, and then every generation ignore the need of religion, and obstruct the Word of Allah in their community. Verily, they ignore the greatest of their forces, and obstruct their own path towards success in this world and hereafter.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 19

This is the month of Noble Qur’aan; the month of humbleness and pleading, the month of pondering and considering        and fearing, because a person without Qur’aan is like a life without air and water, and it implifies like a soul for a life, and a light for guidance. The best companion who doesn’t annoy with his communication, its repetition increases the beauty and glamor.

It is a book, those who read it, is as if they are speaking to the Most Merciful. ((Indeed, there have come from Almighty Allah the Light and a demonstrated Book {} Wherewith Almighty Allah guides all those who seek His pleasure to ways of peace, and He brings them out of darkness unto light by His Will and guides them to the Straight Path: Al Maaidah:15-16))


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 20

Lest you See, Oh Muslim, the rank of the month of Ramadan with its remaining months like the rank of Yousuf Peace Be Upon Him over his eleven brothers. The eyesight of Prophet Yaqoob Peace Be Upon Him did not return with any of their clothes but returned with the shirt of Yousuf. And so, similarly, if a sinful adopts the Ramadan atmosphere and sits with the Zakireen (People recalling Allah) and read Quran, So verily the heart will return to him with alighting peace and composure. For Allah, who is more grateful than the one whom Almighty Allah have guided to awaken the Laylatul Qadr (the night of power) which is better than a thousand months.

So is to for you, Oh Muslim, that you be blessed with this night if it is among the remaining nights, to enjoy the reward of worshipping approx. eighty three years. Verily, it’s a favor of Allah the Almighty who gives it to whom He wills and Allah the Almighty is a great favorer.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 21

Oh delayer of repentance by an extended delay, to which day have you postponed your repentance and delayed your return? You used to say: If I fast, I will repent, and if I enter Ramadan, I will turn to Allah. So these are the days of Ramadan whose sticks have decreased. You used to place a plan daily for your return to Allah, but on the edge of a collapsing cliff. Woe unto you oh negligent. Don’t be content in your repentance except by realizing the sufferings of Yaqoob (Peace Be Upon Him) upon evidence, or by the tears of Dawood and calls of Ayyub to Allah ((There is no God but you oh Allah, Glorified are you! Surely I am among the oppressors: Anbiya:87)) or by the patience of Yousuf on his desire. And if you cannot do so, then atleast imitate his brothers when they said ((Surely, we were mistaken: Yousuf:97))


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 22

Oh Muslims, Your blessed month in approaching its completion, its distinguished nights and days are elapsing, authorizing its departure in heavens. So if this month is not the month of repentance, then when will be repentance?? And if this month is not the month of rectification, then when will be rectification?? We will remain saying: so when? so when? and so when?

The muslim communities, howsoever have they ignored their accountability and rectification from negligence, or refrained from reaching towards it, or ignored the honest feelings of guilt and abandonment towards Almighty, will remain shadowed as victims of anarchy and randomness, adrift with no peace, crumbled by the rackets of those playing with it in every direction and path, such that it is climbing but not wandering on anything. In fact it is evident by their callousness such that they are neck-throttled and cannot escape from it.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 23

Oh Muslims! Almighty Allah SWT have blessed this ummah in this blessed month by combining various rituals with its intensity like in no other months which is evident in intensifying the ritual supplications and the objective supplications. The ritual supplication is exemplified in intensifying in prayers, fasting, reading Noble Quran, charity, and recalling Allah. All these rituals increase in Ramadan which in reality is a supplication by an individual in the form of acts in order to avail the forgiveness of Almighty Allah SWT and His acceptance and His protection from His punishment.  The objective supplications are exemplified in the Qunoot (Night Supplications), supplications at dawn and dusk, supplications between Azan and Iqamah, and all supplications at all times. All this is by the Grace of Almighty Allah SWT and His Blessing. Pleased is the one whom Almighty Allah have guided to seize the opportunity and its fulfillment and the Loser is the one who has been raced by the fellow believers and overtaken by the devoted faithful and he is still entangled in his desires knocking his cushions.


Flashes of the Blessed Month - 24

It is on every Muslim during this blessed month to lay themselves in realizing their relationship with Almighty Allah and the pleasure of returning to Him, for He decrees and is not decreed upon, and He honors his believers by ascending in the last third part of the night to the worldly skies and calling upon: Is there any needy whom I can give? Is there any pleader whom I can accept? Is there anyone seeking forgiveness whom I can forgive? Nevertheless, many muslims despite this opportunity, remain pessimistic, because they don’t see, with their eyesight, their prayers being answered, and their sight witness the worsening situation of the Islamic ummah and the evil prevailing with significance. In fact, a believer should realize that for a prayer to be answered there are certain barriers which need to be ridden off by the ummah so that it is awarded what is lost and humiliated.

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 25

We have spent five sixths of this blessed month. It is as if nothing as it has passed and what has passed has already passed. Its days have passed like the twinkling of an eye, its nights have diminished like the winter leaves being carried away by strong winds. It became an imprint after the essence, and the news after the occurrence.

Definitely, we all refreshed in this blessed month with the pure and honest words (Quran), it’s a dignity whose supporters never get defeated, and an approach whose followers are never misguided, it’s the core of faith and the spring of knowledge, it’s the breeze of the heart and a cure after which is no disease, it has the news of our predecessors, and the news of our successors, and the narration of what is between us. With it, Almighty Allah raises the tribes and destroys the others, and the one who commits to it is guided to the straight path. ((And if they heard what was descended on the Messenger, you would see their eyes in tears for what they heard of righteousness calling Oh Allah we believe (we have accepted) so bear us among the witnesses: AlMaidah:83))

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 26

Until yesterday, Oh believers, our tongues used to whisper the forthcoming of the month of Ramadan, and it was just the moments that transpired like strong winds, as if it is nothing when passed away, and today we are digesting the syringe of its departure, and our cheeks are bearing the tears of its separation, For Allah, how difficult is the grief of separation of the beloved and how heavy are the hearts which feel their gracious guest lifting its feet in an indication of departure.

Oh Believers! We lived the blessed month, filled with peace and composure, the month wherein the souls of the believers were elevated, and progressed with fasting, prayers, and recitation of its Creator’s book, to the highest levels of affability with Almighty Allah and His closeness which made them aspire as if the whole year was Ramadan. And how is that?

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 27

The fruitful tree of Ramadan is just about to shed its leaves after the strong winds of time have blown it away, and if there were mistakes during what has passed away due to negligence, then the grave mistake of an individual is on insistence to neglect in the coming days.

So see, Oh the servants of Almighty! you are among which category of people with Ramadan? Are you from those who oppress themselves? Or from those who are moderate? Or from those who compete with good deeds by the will of Almighty?

If you were not among those whose used to preach with Quran in Ramadan, then with what will you preach? If you could not learn from the school of Ramadan, then from which school will you learn? If you couldn’t be among the charitable in Ramadan, then when thereafter will you donate?

And lest you be informed, Oh the servants of Almighty, that this month bears witness either for you or against you! So what are doing in it in the remaining nights? ((Lest a person should say: “Alas, my grief that I was undutiful to Allah, and I was indeed among those who mocked: AlZumar:56))

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 28

Your blessed month has announced its separation, and what is remaining will pass in a blink of an eye. So for the people of understanding, it is enough a shade, which they see it as an abundant which is emptied, or an excess which is reduced. What is remaining in the month is like the racecourse, and at the finish line is the competition, and the award is the Gardens of paradise.

The seriousness increases with speed towards the finishing line and the guided believer is the one who knows that the sweet ending overcomes a neglected beginning, and what do you know Oh believer! Maybe the blessing of your deeds have been hidden in their finishings, because the deeds are with their endings, and how many of the believers smell the scent of ending in seizing the ending.

And oh the misery to a culpable if he doesn’t repent, and woe to the aspirer of paradise if he dozes off, and oh the misery to the avoider of hellfire if he sleeps off. ((And in that competes the competitors: Almutaffifeen:26))

Flashes of the Blessed Month - 29

And be known, oh believers! That Almighty Allah SWT has obligated the Fast-breaking Charity on the independent and the slaves, on men and women, on small and big, formulated on wheat or cheese or dates or raisins or barley or from what the people of country enjoy. The Prophetic formulation equates what is known in our times as two kilograms and two hundred grams as precautionary measure.

And its time of compulsion begins from the night of eid, and is preferred to be given in the morning of eid before the eid prayers. There is no objection if it is given a day before or two.